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What is Eventia?

Eventia is a disrupting technological and modular solution for the control, management and security of all kinds of events that will eliminate the problems the sector is currently experiencing.

Anywhere, anyplace

Eventia targets organizers of events such as Concerts, Festivals, Congresses and Exhibitions, Fairs, Mass Gatherings, Sports, etc. it can also operate in Museums, Monuments, Amusement Parks and even Free Events and Private Parties.

Did You Know?

Fake tickets, frauds, bots buying tickets massively and reselling them, unsatisfied customers, cash thefts and robbery, lack of data, slow and complicated access control, long lines, capacity control, security (Whatch and black lists, Terrorism risk) etc. are the challenges every event faces worldwide. However, most events lack the technological tools to avoid all of these problems. Eventia Security presents a way to tackle these issues. Can’t believe it? Keep scrolling.

Tickets are purchased to be resold at higher prices
Fake tickets sold annualy
Cash Robbery in Big Events

Our cool features

Unfakeable Tickets

Collecting the biometric features of attendants and through Blockchain we are able to create personalized, unique and unfakeable tickets, eliminating scalping and providing the highest level of security regarding terrorism, watch lists, etc. For Exhibitions, Congress, Festivals and other events get your personal badge at home, avoiding the endless queues at the entry of the event.

Data control

Know you audience and provide useful information for sponsors, brands, organizers, companies, artists, etc. allow direct marketing and create personalized and immediate promotions, alerts, real time information for attendees and promote less crowded areas to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

One click away

All our services are carried out through mobile phones and our App. No infrastructure, no complicated devices, no servers, no investments for event organizers, even some of our services can operate offline, only each attendee's and staff's smartphone is needed for operating within the event. Speed and security managing data in entries and sales.

Can it get any cooler? Yes, yes it can.


Do you still carry cash? Are we still in 2000? In big cash events, it is estimated that up to 20% of the money is stolen. Our Blockchain cashless payment system operates through mobile phones, with no extra investment and advantages such as increase in revenue, less required staff, no financial fraud and error, all this while collecting valuable data. Can be topped up linking a credit/debit card, paypal or in our Cash points with cash.

geolocation for attendees

Get lost?

Don't worry, we got your back. Use your phone to locate your friends, if they agree to during an established or unlimited time, before and during the event without running out of battery. Create groups, chat, send photos and voice notes, set a meeting point and know the exact time of arrival.


The Revolution of Real & Direct Communication

A messaging and geolocation tool for organizers, brands and sponsors to know the location of attendants within events and communicate directly with them, during the event, through notification, alerts, offers, discounts, etc., according to attendees’ location and preferences.


By tokenizing assets, through Blockchain, such as “discount on our new tshirts”, “try for free this new product and let us know what you think”, “VIP Passes” or even “download for free my new song and tell me your opinion” and other perks, we are able to create a bilateral, more personalized and direct way of communication, creating stronger and a long-lasting link between artist, sponsor, brands, etc. and fans, consumers, etc., before, during and after the event. The fan, customer, etc. will be able to keep the tokens in his or her wallet.

NO investment

Use our App and Enjoy a new experience with the highest security

– Faster processes, transactions are reduced to 3 to 5 seconds: Biometric Identification and Sales.

– Less employees required . 

– No hardware or software installation. No formation needed.

– Total transparency: Partners (commissions), Insurance Companies, etc.

– Respect of all international legal requirements.

Wait! There's more? Yes, yes there is.


All of the fun, with none of the risk.

Test run your ideas without worrying about failure.

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